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 Curriculum for Secondary School Examination....


(i) Assessment in the following subjects will be undertaken by the school itself in grades on a five-point scale (i.e. A, B, C, D & E)

           Work Experience

           Art Education

           Physical and Health Education

(ii) The evaluation for subjects of internal assessment shall be based on cumulative record of the candidate during his/her continuous       assessment in the school.

(iii) Schools are expected to maintain regular records of students achievement and progress.
      These records are subject to scrutiny by the Board when it deems fit. As per the notification of the Board, the schools shall issue the       Certificate of School Based Evaluation at the end of class X.

(iv) Rest of the subjects of study not mentioned under sub-clause (i) shall be externally examined by the Board. Details of question papers,        marks and duration are given below :-