School Code & Policy


Young people, who are given the privilege of joining the Airport School fraternity, should be aware of that as members of this distinguished community, they carry the responsibility of upholding its ideals with dignity and pride. As the school's ambassadors, students are expected:

  • To be kind, considerate and upright human beings, always ready to offer encouragement and lend a helping hand.
    To behave courteously to all, rich or poor, regardless of caste, creed, color or religion, always respecting the liberty and rights of others.
    To look upon fellow humans from all parts of the world and all walks of life as brethren, avoiding rudeness and vulgarity at all times.
    To make every effort to contribute their share in making the world a better place to live in rather than idly gossiping, lamenting and grumbling over the evils they perceive.
    To posses the courage of their convictions, never hesitating to say a firm 'NO' when asked to do a thing which they know to be wrong, however tempting it might seem.
    To stand up for and personify the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play, never needing to lie, cheat or be deliberately unfair in order to win: playing the game with full heart and accepting defeat with grace.
    To treat staff and visitors in a friendly and respectful manner at school as well as at home, always rising to wish any teacher or guest politely and offering assistance voluntarily, without the need to be promoted.
    To accept assigned tasks and duties willingly and without argument ensuring that these are carried out with the highest standards.
    To take pride in wearing their School uniform and strive to keep it neat and tidy at all times.
    To respect and treat public property with care; to look after the School premises with pride of ownership; to prevent willful damage and to report promptly any breakage observed.
    To take good care of themselves and adopt healthy habits so as to remain mentally and physically active and strong enough to face the most difficult situations with courage and confidence.